Principal's Message

A Message From Ms. Follis,

Riverside Middle School Principal


🌟 Welcome Back to School! 🌟

Dear Riverside Middle School Ramilies, 

As we embark on this exciting new school year, I am thrilled to welcome each and every one of you to Riverside Middle School. This year, our theme is "Learning is an Adventure," and we are eager to explore the many paths that lead to growth, discovery, and success. Get ready to pack your bags for a thrilling educational journey!

🐏 Ramily Support 🐏

Our Ramily is at the heart of everything we do. Parents, guardians, and families play an essential role in our students' educational journey. We value your support and partnership as we navigate this adventure together. With your encouragement and involvement, we can ensure that every student thrives both academically and personally. Buckle up, because this adventure is a team effort, and your guidance is our compass!

Get ready to embark on this exciting expedition with us! Whether we're climbing academic mountains or navigating the winding roads of personal growth, we know we can always count on our Ramily to steer us in the right direction. Your involvement is the fuel that keeps our engines running smoothly, and your support ensures that our journey is a smooth ride. Together, we'll explore new horizons, discover hidden strengths, and reach our ultimate destination: success! So let's set sail on this educational voyage and create unforgettable memories along the way.

🏅 Jostens Renaissance Program 🏅

We are proud to continue our participation in the Jostens Renaissance Program, which celebrates academic achievement, character development, and school spirit. The Renaissance cards symbolize excellence and are awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional effort and outstanding character. This program encourages all students to aim high, set goals, and strive for their best.

Prepare to embark on a quest for excellence and uncover the treasure of hard work and dedication! Remember, the road to achievement is paved with perseverance, and every step you take brings you closer to your ultimate destination. So, pack your bags with determination, chart your course with ambition, and let's set sail on this exciting voyage together!

Bon voyage to a year of triumph and discovery! 🚀🌍✨

😊 Social-Emotional Support 😊

At Riverside Middle School, we understand that learning goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. Social-emotional well-being is a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. We are committed to fostering a supportive and nurturing environment where every student feels valued and respected. Through our programs and initiatives, we aim to build strong, empathetic, and resilient individuals who are prepared to face life's challenges with confidence and compassion. Together, we'll chart a course for a safe and supportive learning environment, navigating the waves of challenges with empathy and kindness as our sails.

Whether we're climbing mountains of challenges or cruising through calm seas, our community is here to support you every step of the way. Let's embark on this voyage together, exploring the vast landscapes of our social emotional competencies and reaching new horizons of understanding and connection. At RMS, your well-being is our compass, guiding us towards a brighter, more compassionate future. Anchors aweigh!

⚽️ Athletic and Co-Curricular Clubs ⚽️

We believe that a well-rounded education includes opportunities to explore a variety of interests and talents. Our school offers a plethora of athletic teams and co-curricular clubs that cater to diverse passions. Whether it's the thrill of competing on the sports field, the creativity of art and music, or the camaraderie of academic clubs, there is something for everyone.

Gear up for an expedition into the world of athletics and clubs, where each activity is a new adventure waiting to be discovered. Take the leap and chart a course for excitement and personal growth. Pack your bags with enthusiasm and curiosity, because the road to self-discovery starts here.

We encourage all students to get involved, discover new interests, and create lasting memories with their peers. Set sail on your voyage of exploration, and who knows what amazing destinations you'll reach!

🎓 Academic Excellence 🎓

Our dedicated team of educators are committed to guiding students on their academic adventure. We strive to provide a challenging and engaging curriculum that sparks curiosity and fosters a love for learning. With a focus on academic excellence, we aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed both now and in the future. Let's embrace the joy of learning and reach for the stars together!

Get ready to scale the peaks of knowledge, conquer new academic frontiers, and unlock the mysteries of the world through education.

As we set forth on this new school year, remember that learning is an adventure filled with endless possibilities. Each day brings new opportunities to explore, grow, and succeed. Together, as a Ramily, we will navigate this journey with enthusiasm and determination, charting new territories and making discoveries that will last a lifetime. So, pack your bags with curiosity, fuel up with passion, and embark on this educational expedition. Buckle up for a thrilling ride on the road to success, and let's make this journey unforgettable!

Ram Up for a Year of Adventure and Possibility!

Elizabeth Follis  

Principal, Riverside Middle School


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