Illness in School


In any school environment there is risk for contracting a variety of illnesses.  Please follow these guidelines on when to keep your child home so we can have a healthier school season.

Disease When to return to school
Conjunctivitis(pink eye) When eyes(s) are clear (without any redness)
or are under treatment by a doctor for 24 hours.
Any undiagnosed rash When symptoms are gone for 24 hours or cleared
to return to school by a physician.
Fever As per Health Department student with a
temperature of 100 or greater must stay home.
May not return to school until fever free for 24hrs.;
without taking any fever reducing medication.
Vomiting or Diarrhea Until symptoms are gone.
 Scabies 24 hours after the start of treatment and cleared
by a physician.
Head Lice When treated and free of lice and nits (eggs).
Strep Throat or Scarlet Fever 24 hours after start of treatment from physicians.
Impetigo When skin is clear or child has been under
treatment for 24 hours by a physician.
Fungal infections (Ringworm) Must be covered and under treatment and may 
need to be cleared by physician.
Draining wound/bite/rash Drainage is subsided, covered and under treatment
by a physician.