Warm Ups

Warm Up # 1                                  

Topic: Make a list of reasons for learning about the past. (5 mins)


Warm Up # 2                                                                

Topic: Choose any five items that you and your friends use everyday.  What could a scientist a hundred years from now tell about the way you lived by studying just those five items?(10 mins)


Warm Up # 3                                                                 

Topic: Imagine that your city or town has no written laws. How would this affect the way you live?( 7 mins)



Warm up #4                                          


What are some things you think of when
you hear the word desert? (5 mins)


Warm Up # 5


If you had the chance to be king of a
country, what kind of ruler would you be?


Warm Up # 6

Imagine that you did not know the alphabet of the English language. Think of ways you would communicate with your friends and family.


Warm Up # 7

What is your favorite sport to play or watch? Give reasons for why you think athletics are important.



Warm Up # 8

What characteristics, do you think, make a ruler great?



Warm up #9

Make a list of five adjectives that describe a volcano as it is about to erupt.


Warm Up #10

Why do you think it is important to have freedom of religion?


Warm Up # 11

What, do you think, gives a ruler the right to rule?


Warm up #12

How would you expect a city built 4,000 years ago to have looked?


Warm Up #13

Would you like to live in a culture where, in most cases, your job is chosen for you?


Warm Up # 14

If you had the opportunity to live your life as someone or something else, who or what would you be?